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List of Investigators Affiliated with the CSHA

Note: Study centres are grouped into the five regions of Canada and investigators are listed under the study centres in which they first participated

Coordinating Centre, University of Ottawa/Health Canada:

I. McDowell, G. Hill, J. Lindsay, B. Kristjansson.

British Columbia:

University of Victoria: L. Costa.
University of British Columbia: B.L. Beattie, C. Hertzman, H. Tuokko, H. Feldman, D. Sadovnick
Simon Fraser University: G. Gutman.

Prairie Region:

University of Calgary: I. Parhad (deceased), J. Parboosingh, D. B. Hogan, C. Maxwell.
University of Alberta: R. Bland, S. Newman, A. Dobbs, C. Hazlett, B. Rule (deceased), P. McCracken, A. Sclater.
University of Saskatchewan: C. D’Arcy.
University of Manitoba: N. Chappell, A. Segall, J. Manfreda, P. Montgomery, L. Strain, P. St. John.


University of Western Ontario: T. Østbye, J. Robertson, V. Hachinski, R. Steenhuis, J. Feightner.
McMaster University and the Hamilton-Wentworth Dept. of Public Health Services: L. Chambers, H. Munroe-Blum, P. Raina, C. Patterson, A. Braun.
University of Toronto: R. Eastwood, S. Rifat, G. Snow, M. Tierney, C. Cohen, A. Colantonio.
University of Ottawa - Élisabeth Bruyère Health Centre: J. Kozak, J. Verdon, J. Navarro, F. Molnar, K. Paddock.


McGill University: S. Gauthier, C. Wolfson, H. Bergman, M. Panisset, H. Chertkow.
Université de Montréal: M. Baumgarten, B. Ska, Y. Joanette, M.J. Kergoat, N. Nazerali, B. Shatenstein.
Université de Sherbrooke: R. Hébert, G. Bravo, L. Gagnon.
Université Laval: J. Doyon, R. Bouchard, J. Morin, P. Durand, M. Morin, R. Verreault.
Chicoutimi Centre: D. Gauvreau, I. Fortier.

Atlantic Region:

New Brunswick Department of Health and Community Services: C. Balram.
Dalhousie University: K. Rockwood, J. Gray, J. Fisk, J. Graham, C. MacKnight.
University of Prince Edward Island: T. Nilsson, A. Donald, D. Pedlar.
Memorial University of Newfoundland: S. Buehler, W. Pryse-Phillips, A. Kozma.

During the early years of CSHA, we benefitted greatly from the input of an external advisory committee, and wish to extend our sincere thanks to the following:

Dr. Joseph Foley (chair), Department of Neurology, University Hospitals, Cleveland
Dr. Denis Evans (prevalence and incidence estimation), Rush Presbyterian Medical Center, Chicago
Dr. Gerda Fillenbaum (screening and disability measurement), Duke University Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development
Dr. Paul Levy (statistical methods), School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago
Dr. Jim Mortimer (risk factor component), VA Medical Center, Minneapolis
Dr. Rachel Pruchno (caregiver component), Menorah Park Center for Aging, Beachwood, Ohio.

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